Saturday, January 22, 2011

What the hell is this all about

Now I know their are a lot of  food blogs out there,but I just couldn't help myself. I need something to do and I'm good at talking about food and travel stuff like that so I'm going for it. I hope this bring some form of entertainment to whoever reads this because it doing a lot for me.So today my mom's at work till and its my job to make frittata for dinner. Something important to know is my mother is a retired chef, a retired picky chef, so its important that I do this right. Not that I'm completely inexperienced in the kitchen. I started help out when I was four and have been developing my own skills ever since. So what to do? Frittata is a classic Italian dish kind of like French quiche with eggs, meet, veggies and whatever else I can find that would taste good.

Pictures will follow

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